About Yula Zubritsky - Photographer

Yula Zubritsky - Creative Director

Connecting brands, customer experience and technology

Creative Direction, Photography, Brand management, User experience


Food photography and styling, products photography, architecture and interior design photography, lifestyle photography, photojournalism.
Photography for catalogs, websites, pr, advertising photography,
Photography for restaurants, cooking classes photography, food photography, wine photography, food styling, recipes photography, photography for newspapers, product photography, architecture photography, interior design photography, conference exhibition photography, fashion photography, art photography, documentary photography and photojournalism

Logo design, business card design , brochure design, roll-up design, poster design, add design, package design, Facebook banner design, graphic design

UIX and product design

Consulting, usability testing, consulting for innovative products design for food and high tech projects 

Love photography, design, technology, innovation, food, wine and chocolate